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Hello, & welcome to the Staffordshire247 advertising page.
Firstly a little about our visitors & how we advertise. We do/have advertise online with Google & Yahoo. We also have/do appeared in the Staffordshire Newsletter, the council business guide, the Stafford Christmas guide, the Stone Gazette & other local advertising.

We also have our annual Staffordshire247 Business Awards that are in their 4th year. We have several thousand votes for the awards & they bring extra awareness to ourselves & your businesses.


Our numbers for unique visitors viewing two or more pages for 2008 are:                                        May: 12089    June: 9434     July: 13409    August: 15783 September: 16118   October: 18456   November: 17749 December: 11900

Rate Card.

1.) Free Listing:

As it sounds get your self listed free of charge here . There is no catch & all we ask is that if your busines/service change please re-send us your details. Why miss out on free advertising & the potential of thousands of visitors each month!

2.) Enhanced Listing:

This is the simplest way to stand out from the other business listings. What you get is: 1)Bold type. 2)Extra phone mobile & fax numbers listed. 3)web & e-mail address.
This costs less than 1 a week (97p) for one year. This is an extremely cheap way to stand out from your competitors!

Cost for 1 year: 49.99 or 2 years for 89.98 (at 44.99 per year- a saving of 10!)

3.) Enhanced+ Listing:

To really promote yourself this option offers the best value for money. You gain all the advantages of the Enhanced Listing but with the added advantage of: 1) picture or logo before the listing 2) Description of your business or service, up to 20 words 3) Opening/operating hours.
This costs less than 1.20p per week (1.16p) for one year & is the most cost effective way to stand out from your competitors!

Cost for one year: 59.99 or 2 years for 109.98 (at 54.99 per year- a saving of 10!)

4.) Splash Page:

As potential customers search the site, one of the main places they go is the Featured Business pages. This is an ideal way to give people a snapshot of your business with a whole page dedicated to your business or service. This works best in conjunction with the Enhanced+ Listing option as people find you in either the business listing pages or your splash page!

Standard cost for a splash page:
99.99 for one year or 2 years for 179.98 (at 89.99 per year- a saving of 20!

Discounted cost to customers with Enhanced+ listing:

Cost: 79.99 for one year.

Buy 2 years for 74.99 a year, total 149.98

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